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 Belt molding machine

Technical parameters

Clamping cylinder clamps mould first, then injection cylinder press rubber material into mould cavity uniformly. Therefore the rubber parts have precision dimension, uniform and stable performances.
It uses the original imported high pressure pump, and middle and high pressure vane pump combination, controlled by proportional pressure & flow composite valve, hydraulic system configuration is advanced, reasonable and reliable with low noise and low energy consumption.
The main moving platen raises rapidly, clamps slowly, declines rapidly, so the  efficiency is improved and the mould is protected
It uses automatic in-out mould and ejector mechanism, reduces labor intensity and avoids the artificial damage to mould
The hydraulic cylinder uses patent technology of “oil cylinder composite sealing device” (Patent No.ZL03220060.3)which is with independent intellectual property rights, with reliable seal and long service life
The oil tank adopts the patent technology of “turn board structure open tank”(Patent No.ZL200620105181.5), it saves time and effort for maintenance , more human-friendly.
The electric system adopts full computer control, it is convenient for operation. It has two working modes of point moving and semi automation. Users can choose PLC control and 5.7-inch touch-control screen imported from Siemens or Mitsubishi
Preparing material is simple, fast. Production efficiency is high.

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